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  • Sarah Williams practicing yoga

Stillness in Motion. Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes in Brighton & Hove.

Sarah’s classes, workshops and retreats are for those of you who want to dive out of the daily grind and start to explore, uncover and connect. Come feel the resonance of this practice in your body, your breath and your mind.


Weekly Vinyasa yoga classes


  • 19.30–20.30
  • Level: Flow & Restore (Beginner/Gentle)
  • Price: £13
  • Space Yoga


  • 18.00–19.15
  • Level: Hatha Restore (Beginner/Gentle) Starts April 3rd
  • Price: £13
  • The Float Spa
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Upcoming events

Sat 3 Mar

  • Soul Full – afternoon retreat
  • An afternoon yoga retreat £30
  • The Float spa, Hove

Mon 16 Apr

Sat 28 Apr–Sat 5 May

Sat 12 May

Sat 9 Jun

Sat 14 Jul–Sun 15 Jul

  • Brighton Yoga Festival
  • Brighton
  • Book now

Sat 8 Sep

Fri 5 Oct–Sun 7 Oct

What my students say

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